Our Story

The Media for Development Foundation was founded in 2015 to promote the education of media production in its myriad forms to students of all ages and backgrounds, but most especially those who are less inclined towards traditional academic subjects. A voluntary organisation birthed by the media production house of the Catholic Church in Malta, the MfDF is backed by strong principles of inclusion and social justice, and believes in using the media to provide opportunities for youths and aid in character development.

In its short existence the foundation has undertaken many projects to help improve the landscape of media education in the Maltese Islands. Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, the MfDF pushed for the creation of a Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject syllabus for Media Literacy Education. Thanks to the groundwork prepared by the foundation, the syllabus is now being finalised by the national examinations board (MATSEC), with members of the MfDF constantly on hand to provide input and aid in the development process.

The Media for Development Foundation firmly believes in hands-on education, and is not content with taking a back seat in the country’s media education programme. The organisation’s next big project is opening a centre for media education – Media Centre – to provide students of all ages and backgrounds the equipment, software, and expertise to learn about media creation in a professional setup. With fully-equipped classrooms and tutors who are active in the media production field, the Media Centre school will provide top-quality, practical education to a wide audience.

While the school is under construction, the MfDF carries out multiple educational programmes in conjunction with other schools and institutions, bringing its expertise directly to students of different ages. Since its inception, the foundation has carried out many successful joint educational programmes and is currently undertaking many more. The Media for Development Foundation’s mission of bringing media education to the masses has only just begun.